Professional Stone Masonry Services Canberra

We provide Stonemason Services to the ACT & Canberra region.

Why Choose Us?

With over 22 years of experience in the stone masonry industry, Long Stride Stone Masonry specialises in hammered stone work projects that will add value to your property.

Long Stride Stone Masonry is dedicated to providing a professional level of service. We take the utmost care in all stone works projects to minimise interruption to your day-to-day living. Long Stride Stone Masonry is respectful of your property and will ensure the site is left in a clean and tidy condition upon completion. You can be confident choosing Long Stride Stone Masonry for your complete stone masonry requirements.

What we do

  • Build stone work projects to the client’s specifications.
  • Repairs to existing stone work.
  • Installation of Besser Block Walling.
  • Installation of Boral Connex Block System, core-filled with concrete and steel reinforced, suitable for retaining walls and load bearing walls.


NEW Services

We also do BRICK WORK REPOINTING, restoring brick work to its original condition.

The brick walls of your home are exposed to the weather and aging. Crumbling mortar and displaced brick allow moisture intrusion that leads to dampness issues and rusting of wall ties that undermine the integrity of the structure.

Repointing restores Brick work to its original structural strength and appearance adding value to your property.

In all our pointing mortars we use GIBCO MRF ADMIXTURE. This improves compressive and bond strength and adds greater resistance to freeze & thaw typical of the Canberra area climate.

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